Less Time-More Writing

Ever since I had my son in December, I have been spending more time writing.

Strange, since I have so much less time to spend writing–especially now that he is mobile.

One of the things being a Mom has done for me is helped me to kick my procrastination habit.  In a day, I have roughly 2-5 hours to myself (when baby is napping).  In order to get anything accomplished, I have to pack them into those hours.   Before I used to say… oh, I’ll write after I watch this show, or read this book, or stare into space for an hour.  Now, if I want to write, I have to get to it and get to it fast.

So, one of my best tips for writing?  Become a mother!  Just kidding.  There is always tomorrow or later to get things accomplished, but when you wait around for tomorrow or later, very little ever gets accomplished.

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