Learning to Wait

You would think someone who can write a complete novel would have some patience, but I’m not so good with it.

As I’ve begun the process of seeking publication, I’ve begun to see that there’s absolutely NO immediacy in publication!  When it comes to projects, I like to cross things off the list, so waiting is HARD.

Oddly enough, when the response time is upwards of 3 months (most romance publishers I’ve queried give 12-16 weeks as a waiting time table) I do okay.  3 months is a long time so ultimately I forget about it and move on to the next project.  Sure, I might think of it now and again and get a little antsy, but overall it’s way in the back of my mind.

However, this August Mills & Boon put a fast track on their medical line and are giving feedback within the month.  It is a great opportunity to have your work read and actually looked at (not just being judged on a query or synopsis).  However, knowing that the response is going to come within the month, and hearing people get responses within two days, it has been so much harder to wait to hear back.  Not to mention, even those with rejections are getting feedback, not just a no.  I can’t just forget about it because I’m excited to get the response either way!

I sent in a full manuscript, so obviously my response is going to take longer than 2 days.  It’s been over a week now of wondering if every email I get is going to be THE response email.  I keep counting down the days.  Only 11 days left of August, so I will have to hear within that time frame.

I’ve begun to work on my next project hoping that it will keep my mind off of the wait, but it’s not quite working!

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