Writer’s write at their computers on desks in a room with books and a window with a lovely view, right?

Not so much for me.

You see, I have an eight month old and a laptop, therefore I write wherever and whenever I can.  Baby playing nicely in the living room?  Mom is on the couch, one eye on her typing and one eye on the kid to make sure he doesn’t crawl into some trouble.  There are even some days (when the creative juices are really flowing) when I type one handed while I feed the baby his bottle.

I do have an extra bedroom that I’ve made into an office (no pretty view, though), but I never seem to use it, even when my son is napping. I keep thinking some day I will have a ‘serious’ office where I go to do my ‘serious’ writing, but for now my lap, wherever it is, will just have to do.

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