As I’ve been lurking around other romance authors and aspiring romance author’s blogs I have noticed that a lot of these lovely ladies use celebrities to kind of give them an image of what their hero might look like.

I have never looked at anyone and thought they fit the image in my head of one of my heros.  The picture in my head, whether of my characters or characters I am reading, is always something unique to me.  Possibly the only exception to that rule is Gone With the Wind, because I saw the movie first.  And the movie is as amazing as the book.

Point being, that while I don’t use pictures to help inspire me, I do use music.  I might hear a certain song and listen to the lyrics and feel like it really fits the story line I’m working on (or a story line in my head).

“Broken Strings” by James Morisson always reminds me of a novel that I have yet to write, but the characters are sitting in my head waiting.

“Make You Feel My Love” (I’m listening to the version by Adele) fits my current WIP perfectly.

I always seem to find that song that gets me into the mood of the story, even if it isn’t 100% the story of my characters, it has the same feel.

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