The Dreaded “R”

Well, after participating in the medical fast-track, I finally got my response and it was the dreaded R.

Of course, it’s disappointing, but I got some personalized feedback and was encouraged to revise and resubmit.

The downfalls of the story were things I began to worry about after hitting send:

  • Slow start.  Too much back story and narrative.  This is a habit of mine and obviously one I need to break.
  • Not enough medical situations.  I definitely worried that I didn’t feature the medical part enough, and I was right.
  • Lack of drama.  Another bad habit of mine, letting the hero and heroine figure things out too quickly and then having something external threaten, but not actually harm, their relationship.  This is one I am kind of torn on.  Some of my favorite romance novels follow this plot line, but it’s definitely not right for this publisher.

But there were positives, and they were things I always thought was good about my writing so it is reassuring to hear that I am not totally off base!

  • genuine characters
  • strong dialogue
  • lovely sense of community

Lesson Learned: If you worry that something doesn’t work/fit, it doesn’t.  And the editor will notice it.

Well, now I’m off to figure out what I want to submit to the New Voices contest.  Really struggling with this decision right now!

3 thoughts on “The Dreaded “R”

  1. Just to say quietly. It is not an R when you get a Revision request. Being asked to revise and resubmit means that the editor in question sees something in your work and thinks you could be a fit with the line and have the potential to be a published author. They do not send out such things lightly nor do they give idle praise.
    If however, you think the revisions would change the story too much, they will be happy to see another ms from you…but you should take the suggestions/comments into account when you are crafting it.
    Every published author I know with M&B has revisions.
    Do this help?
    Good luck
    Michelle Styles

  2. Michelle,

    Thank you for your perspective/experience. I guess since in the email it specifically said, “this request is not an offer to publish”, that is where I felt it was a “rejection.” But, you’re right in that their specific notes shouldn’t be taken lightly as they wouldn’t have spent the time reading my manuscript or sending me such specific response if they weren’t interested in seeing those changes made.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me this comment! It does definitely give me a different perspective to their response.


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