Too Many

Sometimes, there is too much going on in my head for me to write well.  I can’t seem to commit to one idea, one story, one set of characters.  It’s like being in a crowded bar where you have to yell over the too-loud music to be heard and try to push yourself through the too-many people crowds.

That’s what my head feels like right now.  I can’t concentrate, I can’t find that quiet corner.

So, I’m watching my baby begin his transition from army crawl to real crawl (so funny!).  So, I’m gearing up to see extended family this weekend.  So, I’m going to actually attempt to clean my house (maybe a little visual declutter will help declutter my brain) and listen to some music while the baby and the husband sleep.

And hopefully in a few days, some of those voices and some of that mental clutter will die down and one story will emerge a little clearer.

If not?  Then I’ll have to start fighting back.  🙂

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