New Voices

Are you an unpublished writer?  Have you entered the New Voices contest yet?

I did last night.  I’ve been working on this WIP since I sent off my medical in early August.  I had gotten to a point a few weeks ago where I didn’t like it anymore, didn’t think other people would like it, was discouraged.

Then I got the comments back on my medical submission and it helped me to see I was making some of the same mistakes and gave me an idea on how to fix them.  So, I revised the first chapter a bit–a lot.  Then edited and edited and I was going to keep editing until I realized I wasn’t really making anything better by changing this word or adding that dialogue tag.  So I entered before I edited the whole thing to death.

So far I have read one other entry and glanced at a few.  I think I’ll make it a goal to read one of someone else’s each day.  It’s interested to see what other people are putting out there and the levels of talent that are entering.

Well, another great opportunity from Mills & Boon that I am excited about!  If you’d like to read my chapter, here it is: Love’s Landing Chapter One

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