I am struggling with a few things in my writing:

*an interesting beginning that still gives necessary backstory

*likable heroine (I like my heroines a little edgy at first and I’m beginning to see this might be a problem for many romance readers)

*descriptions, both of characters and settings (will always be my hardest part.  I just love dialogue so much and get caught up in it.  Also, when reading I tend to skim description because I want to get to the action).

*maintaining conflict to the end (I’ve talked about this issue before).

In the past two months I have gotten more focused in my pursuit of publication and in the process I have become even more befuddled in my writing.  It’s an odd dichotomy.  The more focused I become on finding a publisher, the more I see what I am doing “wrong” for that publisher.  It’s a fine line of my writing style and voice and what might catch an editor’s eye.

I’m continuing to work on my revisions, but my head is kind of all over the place.  I need to refocus (oh, and reading the comments in the New Voices contest is NOT helping that).

I think I may need to take an internet break…  one of these days.

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