What DID you like?

So, I am working on revising the medical that I had submitted to the Medical Fast track.  Though there was no offer of publication, the amazing editor gave me great feedback on what specifically didn’t work with my story.

(Can I just say that my disappointment is totally gone at this point?  I mean, this editor read my entire manuscript and made specific notes on what was wrong with it.  Wow!)

Anyway, I have been revising.  The first three chapters were tough.  I had to make those difficult “what to include of backstory” type decisions and I had to give my hero a little bit more conflict.  I felt like it was kind of bland and though I have revised them, they definitely still need work.

Still, once I got past those first three difficult chapters and made the initial changes, I got on a roll, felt really good about the changes I was making, I was motoring right along.  Until I hit chapter nine.  Where I basically am going to have to completely rewrite the remainder of the book.

And I got to thinking, did the editor like anything about my story?  I mean, she basically suggested I cut… well, all of the plot.  And yet she read the whole thing… I was a little perplexed.  Take away plot and what do you have?

  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • Author’s Voice
  • Setting (?)

At first this didn’t seem like a lot.  I mean, plot is the novel, right?  But then I got to thinking about the romances I typically read and how I’m willing to suspend reality, or read something I normally wouldn’t (for example, paranormal elements or secret babies), or even get over a little bit of an ick factor IF I love the characters, IF the author’s voice draws me in.  So, while plot is important, it can be secondary to those things.

Now, if only I could hunker down and rewrite the remaining 20,000 words!

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