I started in historicals

When I first started writing (or trying to write) novel length fiction, I wrote historicals almost exclusively.  I have always loved and been fascinated by history, immersing myself in books, movies, and classes about some of my favorite periods in time.

The problem was, I’d get so immersed in those things, or I’d get interested in a new period, or I’d make it into a generational saga, and I’d never just sit down and finish the one story.

When I finally did finish a novel, it was contemporary.  I’d chosen contemporary because it was for NaNoWriMo and I knew that trying to write a historical in thirty days just wasn’t in my makeup.  And since that point, I’ve never gone back to all of those original historical ideas.

It wouldn’t do me much good now, because I don’t know anything or have much interest in regency or Scottish warriors, which is all I have seen published recently.  Still, I toy with the idea every now and again of going back to where I started and trying my hand at a historical even though it wouldn’t fit the norm.

I did notice some New Voices entries that were historical but set in WWII, a period I love.  Also, I think I might have seen a Steeple Hill Historical set in WWII?  Point being, I hope to see the historical market opening up to a wider variety of time periods.  Even if I never go back to historicals, it would be fun to get back to reading them.

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