Soap Operas

I have a guilty pleasure.  Soap operas.  I have been watching soaps since I was home sick one day in high school.  There was nothing on at one o’clock, so at the time, I settled an Another World… and from that moment, I was hooked.

Why?  Because there was this couple.  They had been friends during adolescence, they were both reformed bad-people, and they so obviously belonged together.

Every soap I’ve ever watched has this same connection.  I got hooked because there was one couple who I had to root for.

There’s a couple problems in soap land though:

  1. There’s never a Happily Ever After, and just when you think they’re might be someone kills someone, comes back from the dead, gets brainwashed, kidnapped, etc… etc…
  2. Soaps started getting cancelled.

Another World got cancelled when I was still in high school, but–miracle of miracles–my favorite characters were making a crossover!  Not just the actors, but the actual characters!  I was ecstatic, and that’s when I started watching As the World Turns.  And after they killed off one of the AW characters, I had gotten hooked on another couple.  Then half of that couple left, so I started watching the soap after ATWT, and there was another awesome couple I just had to root for (until they killed off half of that couple).

Point being, soaps were just another way to get that romance that I so enjoy.

As of last Friday, all three soaps are cancelled and I’m not sure I’ll jump on another soap bandwagon.  At some point you get tired of evil twins, kidnappings, and amnesia and no HEA.

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