Because 1/2 of my WIP mysteriously disappeared, because I have written these character’s story 3 different times, because I am procrastinating making decisions about my WIP, I’m going to post some excerpts from The Road That Leads Home

Excerpt One (Version 4)

“And, for the time being, the farm is here to stay.  We’re going a conference call at noon to hash out all the possibilities.  Steven and I will make our case and… well, hopefully Dad will agree with us.”

Laney looked out over the Kapshaw farm.  Its fields, sloping hills, the big red barn, the white house with slightly peeling paint, all of it had been the landscape of her childhood, just as much home as her own house a half mile down the rural highway had been.

“How could he not?”

They stood there, both looking out over the fall landscape.  Trees in the distance were riots of color and the smell of leaves burning scented the air.

Little changed here aside from the natural progression of seasons.  After three years in L.A, Laney marveled at the beauty of fall, soaked in the comfort of a place that stayed the same, a place that felt like home.  If she added her years at the University of Iowa to the three in L.A, she’d been gone seven years now.  And it had taken her that long to realize she didn’t want to be anywhere but Lilac Grove and the Kapshaw farm.

The thought of the farm not being Kapshaw anymore hurt.  The thought of her best friend losing his pride and joy added to that hurt.  Gabe had always belonged here, always been so in tune with the land that his family had farmed for generations.  He had always known this was his place, as easily as his two oldest brothers had known it hadn’t been theirs.

It infuriated her that Mark and Roger, and even Mr. Kapshaw, seemed to value money over their brother’s happiness.

Laney sighed, looked at Gabe.  He’d been her best friend as long as she could remember, and somehow their friendship hadn’t diminished in the years she’d been away.  He knew her like no one else did, and she him.  And still, she’d never listened to him when it came to Jax Owen.

It irritated her that all thoughts seemed to lead back to Jax, but how could they not when he’d been a driving force in her life since she’d been seventeen.  She’d loved him naively and foolishly, the bad boy who was interested in a shy, country girl who hid behind her camera.  She thought she could change him, save him with that love, but she’d been wrong.  And, in the process, she’d lost herself along the way.  She’d become little more than a doormat, and being home to remind her of all she’d left behind made that pain twist all the deeper.

“Earth to Laney.”

Laney purposefully smoothed out the frown, smiled up at Gabe.  “Sorry, lost in thought.”

“He isn’t worth another thought, you know.  You’ve wasted too many of them on him.”

Laney rested her head on Gabe’s shoulder.  Could he tell simply because he’d known her so long or because there was some innate connection that neither distance nor disagreement had ever broken?  Either way, today it was comforting.

“I know.”  She lifted her head, straightened.  “I’m working on it.”

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