Recognizing Struggles Pt. 2

Another thing I struggle with during each and every WIP is that low point where I don’t really want to write the story any more.  Somethings not working and the lure of a new story is calling, taunting.

Usually, I can avoid the lure because I have learned I never finish novels that way, but this WIP is a little different and I’m about 98% sure I’m walking away.

As mentioned before, this WIP is a complete rewrite of the first novel I ever wrote.  I completely changed the plot, though the characters remain mostly the same.  I love the characters, their world, I even love the plot, but it’s just not working.

This WIP started a very long series that most of my completed novels stem from.  Did I say most?  Okay, ALL.  Gabe & Laney are kind of like the center glue to most of the characters that make up my writing world.  It’s becoming really hard to write their story and I’m thinking maybe *maybe* it doesn’t need to be written.

It’s a hard decision and definitely not one set in stone, but I think I need to walk away from it and focus on something else.  I used to do this all the time… walk away from a story when it got boring to write, but this feels different.  It’s not about being boring to write, or that I’m tired of my characters, I just don’t feel the story.

So, onto the NV rewrite for sure.

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