When It’s Going Good

I’ve been working on revising and rewriting my New Voices entry, as I’ve mentioned here and there this week.  And if you follow me on twitter, well I have mentioned it any more.  Usually, I feel a little guilty when I give up one project for another, but I have been having such a great time writing it, I don’t feel guilty at all.

I am going to try to focus on writing stories that make me feel that way.  Excited, happy.  The writing process still isn’t always easy, but I don’t want to slog through hating it every moment like I was doing with my former WIP.  Even though I liked my characters, the story wasn’t working for me, and my writing was just… bad, because I was trying to get through it, not enjoying it.

When I was writing my medical fast-track submission, I had the same feeling as now.  Definitely like the story was smooth even when the writing wasn’t.  Still a struggle, but no underlying sense of … this is really, really not good (which is kind of how I’ve been feeling lately).  And, even though I had to revamp the plot a lot to resubmit it, the writing was there… if that makes sense.

So, I think from now on I give my permission to leave a story that doesn’t give me that feeling.  We’ll see how that works out anyway.


2 thoughts on “When It’s Going Good

  1. It makes perfect sense to me. Strong, positive feelings about your story will come through in your writing, and that can only be a good thing. I feel the same way. In fact, I’ve always wondered how writers of horror stories or thrillers do it. Don’t they walk away from their desk feeling edgy and unsettled? I couldn’t do that, but to each his own.

    • Good point, Rula. I never really thought about horror writers feeling that way, but I do imagine it would leave you feeling on edge. I know I could never write horror because I am way too easily creeped out and I certainly would rather walk away from my writing feeling happy and excited.

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