A Glimpse

I imagine every writer’s internet bookmarks are fairly eclectic.  I know I always get a laugh looking at mine.   And my bookmarks are different than the blogs I read.  Most blogs I read are in my google reader; when I say bookmarks I usually mean websites that are a little more static.

Bookmarks can show a lot about a person’s interests.  Here’s a little glimpse at some of mine:

Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit (yummy)

Eharlequin Guidelines (naturally)

The Chalkboard Manifesto (HILARIOUS)

WWOOF-USA (I have a farm obsession, despite having no earthly knowledge of farming)

Eat Local (And I wish I wasn’t so lazy/picky or I would eat more locally grown food)

Cupcake Project (I kind of have a cupcake thing too)

Baby-proofing your home (I bookmark websites like this for future use, but then usually ignore them.  This kid is lucky I put outlet covers up).

Do Not Vote for My Dad (I found this story fascinating, and it kind of fit in with a novel I was working on at the time).

Carina Press: Reasons for Rejection Though I haven’t been rejected by Carina (still waiting to hear), I thought this post was just a good thing to go back to every now and again when working on submitting anywhere.

List of Agricultural Machinery (The first hero I ever wrote was a farmer.  I love farms!)

Writing.Com (Not the first online writing community I ever joined… that would have been the old AOL message boards for some teen magazine that had a writing section, BUT the best writing community I’ve ever been a part of.  I don’t spend much time there now, but as a beginning writer it was and remains an amazing place.  (My portfolio is here)

Why share?  I don’t know.  It’s Friday.  Seemed like fun.  Besides, I kind of want to bake some cupcakes now…

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