My current WIP is a complete work of fiction, but the setting is based on a real place.  This is the case for many of my novels.  In my first novel, part of the setting was a gas station, based on the one I was working in at the time, the home my heroine lived in based on my grandparent’s home.  I’ve based the homes of characters on homes I’ve lived in, grandparent’s homes, places I’ve seen.  Though the events are always fictional, the people always mostly fictional, I like to have something of myself in my novels.

My current WIP’s setting is probably the one closest to my heart because it is based on a place that is both very real and a part of my family.  It was part of my favorite place as a child, and it’s just really cool and unique.

I recently happened upon some YouTube videos that talk a little bit and show a little bit about the place where I set my WIP (and the two novels that will come after it, once they’re written).

So, if you’re interested, take a look at my inspiration, and you’ll actually see some members of my family talk about this amazing place.

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