The Middle

I’m in the middle of my WIP.  And this is always where things get sticky.  Somewhere around the 25,000 word mark (currently 23), I slow down.

I wrote my first six chapters in two weeks (granted, I was rewriting, so I did get to use some words from the original version, although not many).  Then I hit chapter seven at the beginning of this week and this is what happens.

I open the document.

I stare at it.

I open twitter.

I read blogs.

Check Eharlequin message boards.

Go back to chapter seven.  Stare at it.  Maybe right a sentence.

You get the picture.  I have in my mind exactly what I want to happen the rest of the book.  I have “written” in my mind numerous scenes throughout the rest of the book.  I know where I’m going, I know why my characters are doing what they’re doing, but… I’m stuck.

I’ve come to realize in this WIP that this always happens to me.  I guess, in a weird way, it’s part of my process.  Maybe my mind needs to slow down, to really work out the end, whatever.  I just need to push myself over the mental block.  Once I get past that midpoint, I can usually find my speed again and polish off the last few chapters at a decent pace.

Today, I really focused on getting some words down.  I let myself skip around in the chapter a little bit and then go back and fill in places (all within the chapter though).  I probably wrote about 800 words, which is more than I’ve written all week.  So, hopefully I can finish up this chapter tomorrow and get over that hump.

(FWIW, I write my blog posts most times in advance, so this was actually written last week, pre-NaNo.  First day of NaNo, I managed to belt out 4,500 words!)

2 thoughts on “The Middle

  1. That pattern sounds so familiar! I think what stalls me is the fear that I won’t do justice to the story in my head…or maybe it’s that my fingers can’t type as fast as the ideas pop in my head. My problem is that I write linearly, so I can’t hop around easily (although I do jot notes for ideas that come later on). Sometimes jotting down where the story is headed in a very brief (and I do mean brief bc I’m not a hard core plotter) outline helps. I also print out the chapter and work on it like a teacher grading a paper. The media switch helps me.

    BTW, congratulations on having your first page picked for a critique over at harlequin! I recognized the passage from when you posted it here. Love it. Great job and feedback!

    • It’s always interesting to see how other’s work because I know, for me, my process is always evolving and changing. I haven’t found that “perfect” stride yet, but writing about it and discussing helps.

      I used to do the print out too, but currently have a broken printer so I have adapted to being all computer, but especially when editing having a hard copy can really help.

      Thanks for the congrats. I’ll be posting about it tomorrow, but I was so excited to see my chapter & the comments from the editor!

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