I assume you all know that SYTYCW (or, So You Think You Can Write) is going on over at eharlequin.  It’s Day Two and already it’s been a great experience.  Why?

Day One challenge was to send in your first pages.  I went to my New Voices entry.  A) because it’s complete (though not finished).  B) because I love it.  C) Because I wanted some editorial feedback on my somewhat controversial beginning (cat fight, oh no!).

I’ve changed that entry a lot, and changed it even more as I sought to get under the 250 word mark and still have the hero appear.

And, my first page got chosen!  Yay!  I think they said that choosing was random, but regardless, I got something I really needed: positive editorial feedback.

The past month I’ve had some bummers.  Not placing in some contests I thought I had a shot at, with some novels that are currently in the slush pile which makes me think rejection is on the way in December.  Anyway, point being, I was feeling a little down, a little less confident, and little more… can I really do this?  I kept writing, I kept learning, but it was just that inner blah feeling.

And I kept thinking, I just need one positive thing, one good response, one glimmer of light to bring me out of those blahs.

The Harlequin editor saying she would want to read more of my story?  FITS THE BILL!  (Full response: here)  I love that story, but I was continuously worried after NV that it wouldn’t appeal to Harlequin because it does start off with a bit of a fight (though I have toned that done quite a bit) and because Callie is tough and Trevor is too laid-back and etc. etc. etc.  But I love it.  It is truly the story of my heart, as they say.  And, makes me feel a lot more confident in submitting that story, once I get it up to word count.  Which in turn just makes me feel better about writing things in general.

If you haven’t checked out SYTYCW yet, you definitely should!  Tons of great info and great opportunities.

2 thoughts on “SYTYCW FTW

  1. Yeah! I just saw your name on the SYTYCW. Somehow I missed that completely! LOVE that the editors will read more about Callie. She’s a great character and deserves it!

    • Thanks, Ashley! It was so exciting to read that they wanted to see more, which is why I sent the first chapter off for the SYTYCW write final challenge. Which means a big thanks to you for your help with the first chapter! Definitely helped me A LOT!

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