SYTYCW was a great success from this aspiring novelist’s viewpoint.  Though I have done a lot of research into what Harlequin wants, I still walked away from these events having learned a ton.  AND, walked away being able to submit a first chapter VIA EMAIL.  (I have a post office phobia, so this is a big deal for me)!

A few things I took away from last week:

Most Irritating Thing:  People who had obviously never read the submission guidelines, or directions, or anything…ever.

Most Helpful Thing:  I thought this podcast was amazing.  I think at my current place as a writer, this was the thing during the week I learned the most from and could really, honestly apply it to my writing.  Really.  Whether you’re published or not, romance writer or not, you should listen to it.

Most Surprising Thing: In the chat with Birgit Davis-Todd on Thursday, she talked about how swearing can really turn a reader off.  This really surprised me.  I’m going to have to take a critical eye to all my hells and damns (oh, and a few shits).

Best Thing:  Having my first page chosen for the first challenge.  And since I already talked about it too much, I’ll just leave it at this:  It was awesome!

Worst Thing:  Husband and I fighting over the computer.  (Me: But there’s a chat going on!  Him:  You’ve been on the computer ALL DAY).

Overall, I walked away with a lot of newfound knowledge, but didn’t feel overwhelmed.  I think everyone involved did a really great job of making becoming published seem really attainable through hard work and good writing.  I think Harlequin is leaps and bounds ahead of any other publisher in terms of their outreach to aspiring authors, and that just makes me want to have a book published with them even more.

I submitted my first chapter.  I wrote my synopsis (YUCK).  But best of all, I feel good.

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