Burn Out or the Opposite

I have been writing like crazy since mid-July.  Thousands of words per day most days.  It has been like a compulsion, a driving need.  First, it was for the medical fast-track, then New Voices, then NaNo, with a few other projects sprinkled in.  For almost four months I have been a productive writing machine.

The last week of October I decided I wanted to finish revising my New Voices manuscript before November so I could start fresh for NaNo.  I was a little concerned though, I had been writing like a maniac for months and NaNo would be no let up–in fact it would be even more writing.  I didn’t want to hit writer burn out.

So, I worked hard on finishing my revisions to give myself at least a day off writing.  In fact, things went so well I finished with three days to spare.  Three days where I would not write.

This lasted a day.  By the second, I was itching to write again.  I wanted to start my NaNo, but I couldn’t.  November was still two days away.

This “break” to avoid “burn out” actually was nothing but annoying.  So, while I waited to start my novel, I plotted out about ten other novels.  I went a little crazy.  And when NaNo came around, I dove right in.  In the first week, I wrote over 15,000 words.

Burn out?  Four months and I still don’t have it.  Since making writing a part of my daily routine, it has become a compulsion rather than something to do if there’s nothing on TV or no computer games to play.  Writing has become a necessity.

I hope this continues despite the fact that I am going to be starting a demanding full time (although temporary) job next week.  I want to finish the year strong so that I’m ready for whatever the results are from my three submissions.  Rejection: write more and sub more.  The Call:  write more and sell more.

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