New Things

I start a new job today.  It’s only a three month job, and yet at the beginning of it, that seems like forever.

I have never been a very good writer when I am working full time out of the house.  And now I have a kid and a house and the holidays and… well, I’ll admit, I’m worried about how my writing will take a hit.

But, I have to remind myself that I’ve been really prolific the past few months… I mean, really prolific.  It’s okay to not be that prolific for the next few months.  Because I will be home again, at least part-time in three months and I can pick up the pace again.

Also, before July I had never been a very consistent writer even when I wasn’t working outside the home or even when I was just working part-time.  Basically, writing was never a priority.  It was something I enjoyed doing, something I did sporadically, something I liked to read about or study, but I never made it a part of my routine like I have these past four months.

So, for me, this second half of NaNo is about finding time to write every day even though my days are getting a whole lot fuller.  I got ahead on purpose so it wouldn’t have to be 1667 words.  So, even if I only have a 100 word day, I should be able to finish.  (Especially with Thanksgiving break thrown in there).

And, if I can keep the routine up those first two weeks of work/last two weeks of NaNo, hopefully the routine will stick through the job.

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