I love Christmas.  I am a Christmas junkie.  I have bins and bins of Christmas decorations in my basement.  I have three Christmas trees.  Love, love, love.

I was a little perplexed when Christmas stuff was out before Halloween, but now I’m ready.  This past weekend was unseasonably warm, so (after I did some cleaning) I went ahead and put some Christmas lights outside.  I won’t actually have them lit up until after Thanksgiving, but I figured it was better to put them out early if it meant not freezing to death.

This is our first holiday season with a child.  Technically, he was supposed to arrive Dec. 23rd of last year, but he held out another week.  This means my kid is almost one, but this will still be his first Thanksgiving and Christmas (and he doesn’t fit into any of the “first” outfits).

So, I know I’m going to have to adjust some of my usual decorating.  (The Christmas trees are going to need to be caged, for example).  But, I can’t wait to start Christmas traditions as a family.

What’s funny is as much as I love Christmas, I have only ever tried to write one Christmas story and that was back when I was in high school and was one of many attempted novels that never got finished.  Maybe one of these days I will mix my love of Christmas in with a romance story idea.

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