Whooo Boy

It was quite a weekend and quite a Monday, and not in a good way.  Since I’ve gone back to work, my son has been sick both weekends wanting only to sleep and slobber on me.

This is going to be even more challenging today as he is still under the weather and the doctor says we just have to wait it out.  He’s not sleeping well, and since my husband is moving to the night shift this weekend, that means I won’t be sleeping well.

Bad timing.

Writing wise, I haven’t been able to get much accomplished.  NaNo was a bust, but I am glad I signed up for it because it pushed me to write 25,000 words before I went back to work.  And, even if it all happened in the first part of the month, that’s still a decent total for November.

We’ll see how December goes, but with work getting very busy, the holidays and my son’s first birthday, I don’t see being very prolific writing wise… unless I get some good news back on any of my submissions 😉

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