If you want to learn something about tenacity, about refusal to give up in spite of huge obstacles, just take a look at my eleven month old.

Currently, I have constructed both a gate and a line of chairs to block off the kitchen.  He is pushing, screaming, maneuvering, and wiggling his way through both set of defenses.

I have a stack of board games, blankets and couch cushions put together to hide some unfortunately placed TV cable wires in the wall that aren’t being used.  He has, repeatedly, pulled this defense down and grabbed at the wires.

We have a “cage” being used as a fence around one of the Christmas trees, chairs on each end to keep the baby away.  He has continuously found weak places in the fence and pushed until he has actually bent the lights out of the socket.

When this kid wants something, there isn’t much that’s going to stand in a way.  It’s a double edged sword, of course.  Great to be motivated, to not give up, but it can also be dangerous (wires and outlets, oh my).

Still, I’m working to be more determined and goal oriented in my life.  I might not be pushing down any fences or scaling chairs any time soon, but I’m going to keep working on achieving my goals even when obstacles are in the way.  I haven’t always done that.

Man, the kid is teaching me things and he can’t even say mama.

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