I was watching TV this weekend and I came across a couple stereotypes that I think show up in romance as well.

First, there is the overused crazy pregnancy eating/cravings stereotype.  (I’m not sure stereotype is the right word here, but I’m sick and can’t think of anything else).  If there was one thing I learned when I was pregnant it is that everyone’s pregnancy is different, even the same person with different pregnancies have different experiences.  So, I realize there may be women out there that had crazy cravings.  But, if you watch enough TV you begin to think that the demand for pickles and ice cream is a given.  I never had specific cravings, and so seeing them on TV or in print actually kind of irritates me.  Even knowing full well that everyone’s experience is different, having had a completely different experience makes it a little unbelievable for me.

The second one is far more believable.  The men are babies when they’re sick stereotype… Yeah… this one kind of fits.  When my husband gets sick, it’s as if there’s never been a pain or discomfort worse in the world.  I am, admittedly, a big baby.  I hate being sick and I can be a total baby about it, but it’s more of a want to be comforted than a this hurts so bad, I am miserable, and being miserable I am going to be grouchy and cranky until you are miserable too.

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