I finally found the time to work on my writing.  I did some editing and revising of the novel that I sent in the first chapter in for the So You Think You Can Write Challenge.

The thing I love about this story is that every time I come back to it, I fall in love with my characters all over again.

The thing I don’t love about this story is that I am constantly second-guessing myself in terms of publishing.  I worry that it doesn’t fit the what publishers are looking for.  My hero isn’t alpha or tortured.  My heroine is tough and needs some layers scraped off (by our hero, of course).

If I hadn’t done the research on publishers this past year, I would simply just love this story.  So, I keep trying to write it to the best story it can be and ignore the fear it doesn’t fit exactly right.  Because if it’s good enough, it shouldn’t matter if it doesn’t fit every convention.

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