A Week on Rejection

Well, I got a rejection so I decided to devote this week’s blog posts to the big R and things I’ve learned from my astounding two rejections.  😉

I’ll admit, this one hurt because it was about a two line form rejection.  At least my first submission was a very detailed revise and resubmit.  This definitely feels like a step back.   My first submission was for a fast-track, so I only waited a month.  The fact that I waited three months to be told no with no explanation makes the rejection that much harder.

I still have two submissions out, but they are partials and with publishers that typically take a very long time to actually decide to publish.  I should hear back on the partials by the end of January, but that means I could still have many months of waiting time if the fulls are requested.

Which means I am going to need to focus on my non-writing career, and I’d really like to avoid that.

You can prepare for rejection, you can even expect rejection, but it’s still rejection and it’s still hard… and I don’t think any amount of novels written or submissions you have out change that it’s disheartening.


2 thoughts on “A Week on Rejection

  1. ((HUGS)) Nicole. Sometimes the type of rejection is a reflection of just how busy the editors are rather than your writing so don’t be too disheartened and blame the busy Christmas period instead.

    Congrats on having other work out there and try not to focus too much on the necessary evil that is the dreaded day job (it’s just temporary, after all 😉 ) xx

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