A Week On Rejection (Pt 2)

I realized today after reading my twitter feed (consisting mostly of publishers, editors, and published writers) that directly on the heels of a rejection… I probably need to avoid twitter for a while.

I think there needs to be kind of a mourning period after rejection.  Not where you avoid writing, but where you avoid publication related topics.  Reading that an editor is reading a great submission, a publisher is introducing a new author, or a published author got revisions just feels like rubbing it in.  I am very interested to read about that stuff any other time, but right now it just makes me frowny.

I’m sure in a few days I’ll be ready to dive back in, see what I did wrong, and think about my next submission, but right now I’m trying to avoid too much self-pity… which means I probably just need to avoid the topic all together.

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