The Black Moment

In romance, we have the black moment when everything is wrong and doesn’t seem like it can be put back to rights.

I think there’s a black moment in the attempts at publication world too.  It’s the moment after a rejection.  The moment when you think, why do I bother? What’s the point? I am never going to be good enough.

As much as I hate thinking/feeling this, as much as I try not to, it’s always something that runs through my brain.  Usually, I kick it right back out again, but it gets in there for a moment.  And it is definitely my black moment.

But, just like romance, it always has a happy ending.  I know I will never stop writing, which means the desire to be published will never go away.  So, even in my most discouraged moments it will only take a contest, an idea, or a call for submissions to get me trying all over again.

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