Christmas Week: Roots

I am a big fan of tradition.  Many of my Christmas decorations are hand me downs from my grandmother or my Mom.  Sometimes I take them because they are pretty, but mostly I just take them because it reminds me of the people they came from, the memories that we created.

My grandmother was big into Christmas, and some of my best memories ever are Christmas celebrations at her house.  I was very close to my grandmother, and a love of all things Christmas was just another thing we shared.

My grandma collected Santas, and started me on collecting them as well.  When she passed away a few years ago, I was given most of her Santas.

Along with Santas, my grandmother enjoyed some of the Swedish decorations and traditions from her heritage, and this was just another thing that resounded with me.

“God Jul” means Merry Christmas (or directly Happy Christmas) in Swedish.  My grandmother used to hang this above her stove every Christmas.  I tried to fit it above my stove, but it unfortunately doesn’t fit.

These things that came from my grandmother mean more to me than the prettiest decoration I could buy.  In each of them is a memory of her and of a wonderful Christmas.

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