Christmas Week: Believe

The thing I most love about Christmas is just the feeling that magic is possible.  I believed in Santa until I was in the 5th grade.  I think some of that was willful ignorance, but I have always desperately wanted to believe in some magic.

Christmas is about belief and hope and joy and love.

My Grandma gave me a book called There Really is a Santa Claus. It talks about the origins of Santa Claus and how even though there might not be a jolly fat man in a red suit flying around at Christmas, the spirit of what Santa means is important and continues to exist.

I hope that in this age of hyper media, my son will be able to believe in Santa for a long time, to believe in the magic for as long as possible.

One thought on “Christmas Week: Believe

  1. I still remember how horrified I was to discover the Santa secret. Someone at school told me when I was in grade 1 in such a way that I felt I had to pretend I already knew. I’m pretty sure I’m a terrible actor 😉 I loved magic as a little girl too so I really wish I’d made it to fifth grade too 🙂

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