100 Strong

Sometime last week I hit the 100 post mark.    It got me to thinking about blogging because I have been blogging for six years now.  I’ve had quite a few different blogs, each with varying levels of success (by success I mean how well I kept up with them).

I have had blogs dedicated to being a teacher, a parent, an environmentalist or just blogs about nothing in particular.  And none of these blogs have lasted as consistently long as this one.

For about four months I have posted almost every weekday for almost every week.  Some weeks I struggle to find post topics, but most weeks they come to me fairly easily.  I think the mistake in the past was having no focus, just writing whatever, and not holding myself accountable.

Which was also my problem with my writing career.  I expected it to just happen if it was supposed to.  (Did you know things can’t happen if you don’t try for them to happen??)

Now, I am working hard towards publication, and I feel like this blog has become a part of that journey, which makes it important.  But, it’s not easy, and it’s not just going to happen.  I have to work at it.

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