The world is a sad place.  It’s in a sorry state.  Violence like what happened in Arizona this past weekend is happening more, not less.  There’s a lot of talk about the political discourse in our nation and if that adds to these violent responses, and whether you believe that is true or not, whenever I hear about violence like this, I always go back and read Barbara Kingsolver’s essay, “Life is precious, or it’s not.”  Though I don’t whole-heartedly agree with everything she says, it always makes me think.  And the more this kind of thing happens, the more I wonder if she’s right.

Anyway, when the world gets me down, I’m not afraid to use romance as a little escape, a pick me up.  I know that things are going to end happily no matter how bad it gets.  I know that love will conquer all.  And while I believe in that for the world too, we’re going to need a whole lot more love to make it work.

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