I’m eating my breakfast, watching my son play.  He’s learning to walk and even more recently figuring out how to stand without aid of any thing to pull himself up on.  This means that he falls down a lot more than when he was just crawling.  Mostly he brushes it off and keeps going, but sometimes he gets a good knock and has a good cry.

I’m going to make a really cheesy parallel here.

I feel like I’m kind of in the same place when it comes to my writing career.  I’m just learning how the submission process works, finally putting my work out there.  So far I’ve gotten a few knocks that maybe resulted in a cry or two, but I’ve also had some encouraging success.

As I wait to hear on my 2 submissions that are out, my writing self has been lying low rather than testing the waters again.  While I feel like I need this break a little bit, so I can keep a tenuous grasp on order around here while I finish my current job, I also miss those days this summer when writing and my son were my only focuses most days.

I guess I’m just waiting to see if I’m going to fall again (rejection), or take a few more steps (request for full).

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