Fitting In

I was recently trying to figure out what I should read next in the romance department.  I’ll admit, I am a really picky reader if I am buying the book, so it’s a long process.

I got a $25 ibook card for Christmas and have about 10 samples sitting on my itouch as I mull over which ones I want to buy.

All of this thinking about what I want to read got me to thinking about where my stories fit in to the publishing world.  I have to admit I wonder if my writing “fits in” somewhere.

See, a story is a complicated thing.  I’m more than willing to read publisher requirements, take revision advice from editors, etc… but that’s only part of a book.  The other part is the story and the author’s voice, things you can’t really teach or change.

I’m beginning to think my voice doesn’t fit anywhere.  Maybe that’s just those crows of doubt, but maybe it’s a realistic view of the publishing world.  There are a lot of people out there who want to be writers, who have books, who are seeking publication.  Bottom line, not all of us are going to make it.

Does this mean I’m a bad writer?  No.  Does this mean I’m going to stop submitting?  No.  Does this mean I’ll never get published?  No.  It just means, I’m back in the high school cafeteria wondering where I fit in.

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