Love is Scary

One of the common themes in romance novels is that love is scary.  And, boy, is it.  Love means a lot of things, it can hurt in a lot of ways, and it’s hard.  But, it’s, of course, totally and completely worth it.

I’m scared by love right now.  Not love of a person, but love of my SYTYCW entry.  It’s finished, but I am in the midst of revising it so that should the powers that be request more, it is ready to go immediately.

And in the midst, I am falling more and more in love with this story.  I’m growing more and more confident that it is good, like, publishable good.  And that is so damn scary.

Because if it gets rejected?  I am going to be completely devastated.  My past few rejections I have been able to tell myself that the story just wasn’t ready.  It still needed work.  It was… somewhat comforting to remind myself there was more to be done, remind myself that it was understandable.

This one?  It’s ready.  It’s soo ready.  Even if it gets rejected I will continue to submit it to other publishers, but a rejection will hurt.

So, I just have to wait on pins and needles… very much afraid.

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