I’ll admit it, I am addicted to series.  Reading them, writing them… series are my favorite.

Recently, I read a book by an author a friend had recommended.  The book I chose was the first in a trilogy.  I read the first one, kind of underwhelmed.  It was… okay.  I mean, I finished it, so it wasn’t terrible, but at the same time it was very easy to put down, which isn’t usual for me.

Still, you know what I did?  I bought the next book in the series too.  I mean, it had set the second book up in the end of the first so I just felt the need to keep going.

And you know what?  The second I liked even less than the first.  Still, when I was done… I was tempted to buy the last book.  I haven’t actually done it yet, but the temptation is definitely there.  I downloaded the sample… but I’m less than intrigued.  And still I can’t decide whether to buy or not.  It feels unfinished not to read it, but why waste my seven dollars on something I’m not even intrigued about.

When I write, the same thing happens.  I just can’t stop with one story.  No matter what the original plan is, more connected stories always pop out of the woodwork.

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