Oh, hey, hi

I am wrapping up the last two weeks of my full-time job and inundated with big projects and getting organized and what not.  So, I’m having a hard time focusing on the creative part of my life.  I try to work on my story, but my mind zooms to deadlines and whatnot.

My creative writing class has helped me with this a bit.  Even though I am not working on my WIP, I am doing the short exercises along with my students.  It keeps me writing even though it’s not focusing on what I’d like.

Still, as I wait to hear back on my partial (20 week mark today), it’s not so bad having my focus be elsewhere.  I’m also liking the challenge of writing something I don’t normally write.  I think it is helping me look at my writing more analytically and hopefully improving my ability to show over tell.

Anyway, as I wrap this up over the next two weeks, posting may be a bit sporadic, but then THEN I will be free to focus on my writing more!

2 thoughts on “Oh, hey, hi

  1. Congrats on reaching the 20 week mark with your sanity intact :-). If you’re worried about it, after the three month mark it is okay to check on your submission to make sure it didn’t get lost in the mail etc. Of course some of the lines have so many submissions the wait times are quite lengthy. It teaches us patience if nothing else 🙂

    • Thanks, Lacey… sanity mostly in tact anyway. Since it was an email submission I got a automated response with a reference number so I’m pretty sure it’s not lost. I was going to email nudge this week, but then read about a person who subbed their (requested) partial to the same line about a month before I did and just got a response last week. So, I’m going to give it another month before I check it out. What with New Voices & the holidays I think things are (understandably!) moving a little slower than usual.

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