Learning the Hard Way

I forgot today was a half day at work, so I got some unexpected writing time in.  Well, mostly I fooled around on the internet with my MS in the background.

I’m still working on this whole ‘do my synopsis first’ plan, and I was blaming it for the fact that I was stuck on page five and hated my first five pages and didn’t know where to go in an interesting way.

Then I realized the real problem.  A problem it has taken me a while to fully come to terms with.  I hadn’t started in the right place.

After the medical fast-track when I got a revision email, they basically told me the first three chapters needed to be tossed.  In fact, I think the wording was the opening chapters while pleasant lack interest.  So, hey, the writing is fine, but what you’re writing about?  SNORE.

Before the fast track and New Voices, I had begun a WIP which is the WIP I am currently rewriting.  I went on to finish it and submit it and receive a form rejection on it.  It stung a little, but I knew the premise was good.  So what wasn’t I getting right?

Luckily I had also entered the first part in a contest and, though it didn’t place, got some feedback that echoed some of the same feedback I got from my medical R&R.

Hero doesn’t have strong enough conflict.  (Now that I’ve heard this a THIRD time from SYTYCW maybe it’ll sink the heck in).

So, I’d been working on that.  And I think I have succeeded.  It isn’t just about the heroine overcoming her demons.  He has some of his own and *gasp* he’s not perfect!

But something still wasn’t right.  This beginning it was… boring.  I didn’t know where to go next, to bridge the gap from intros to actual story.

And then it finally dawned on me… I was starting in the WRONG place.  If I was sitting here wondering how to get to this one scene where things actually happened… shouldn’t I just start where THINGS actually happen.

I swear I’m not dense.  I don’t have a CP right now and the feedback I am getting from publishers, while invaluable, is still just focused on one work or one chapter and is (obviously an understandably) not really explained.  So, it’s just taking me a bit longer to have it all sink in.

But, I’m getting there.  Slowly but surely.

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