Process Neverending

Last week I talked about my new attempt at writing my synopsis before writing the novel, both to make sure my conflict is there in the beginning and to work on writing my synopsis.

Even after one week, there has been some positives and negatives to this approach.

Positive: I do feel like I am fleshing out the conflict BEFORE I write 30,000 unusable words.  Some of what I’m writing will be unusable, BUT not the vast majority of it.  (Of course, this is a WIP that’s already been written once so it’s not exactly a fair test of this new process, but… it’s a start).

Negative: I spend more time with my synopsis than I actually spend writing.  Every time I have a new idea or come up with another layer to the conflict, I am going to the synopsis and retooling it.  Before I start writing for the day, I read over the synopsis to see if the overarching ideas still work.  This means I’ve barely done any actual writing on the WIP.  Problem!!!  A synopsis is kind of pointless without the novel behind it.

So, I’m still working on balancing this new process, but I’m liking the positives and it has definitely helped me feel better about my efforts.

2 thoughts on “Process Neverending

  1. It can be useful but I kind of like just seeing where the writing will go and then tighten up the plot. It’s so hard to write a synposis, whichever way round I think, and don’t get my started on the query letter 🙂

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