With my current WIP I am struggling with a question that I seem to always struggle with when it comes to conflict.

What is forgivable?

I’ve got the bad habit of folding a grudge.  Of being a little… uncompromising when it comes to what I think is right and wrong.  So, sometimes it’s hard for me to build the stakes of the conflict.  If the hero (or heroine) does something unforgivable, sometimes I am not sure how to come back from it.

Take You’ve Got Mail for instance.  I’ve always had a problem just overlooking the fact that he basically closed her business.  Yeah, it was business not personal.  And that makes sense to an extent, but he never really shows… any kind of remorse for it.  And if it was just a business and not this sentimental piece of her relationship with her mother, maybe that would be a little bit more forgivable.

Funny thing though?  Even though that part has always been a problem with me… I still really like the movie.  The character themselves are redeemable enough that I get over the unforgivable part and, I guess, maybe do kind of forgive (or at least forget).

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I’ve always had a bit of a problem with You’ve Got Mail too. It would have been easier to put in the “it’s just business, not personal” column if it hadn’t had her mother’s sentiment attached.

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