A lot of factors have worked together this week to get me excited about my WIP again.  I like where I’m going, I’m lost in my characters.  I wish I could lock myself in a room and write nonstop for ten hours.  The going is good.

And, it’s help taking my mind off of waiting back to here on some submissions.  Mainly the one at the 22 week mark.  This is the longest I have had to wait to hear back on a submission, but if it ends in a full request it will be well worth it.  I was just a little worried that since I am home more now and can check my email frequently that I would be obsessed with it, but luckily, writing and working on new goals has helped significantly.

I check my email eagerly each morning, but then I pretty much accept I won’t hear anything that day and then move on with my life.

I just hope it stays that way!

2 thoughts on “Resurgence

    • Thanks, Lacey. I guess if I don’t hear something by mid-March I’m going to have to go ahead and send a query to make sure it didn’t get lost somewhere along the line, but for now I’ll just write & wait. =)

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