What Romance is About

There’s a lot going on in this world of ours.  Some inevitable, some I’ll admit I just don’t understand, and some just the day to day living of people with very little love or faith.

It may not be the best way, in fact it’s probably one of the worst ways, but I often choose to deal with these types of things by escape.  I cozy into my own little world, keep those I love close, and immerse myself in fiction where love conquers all.

When bad things happen, most people root for the good and right to prevail.  We find ourselves in rapt attention to the horror, but we also find ourselves crying over and rooting for the good in the world.  Many of us have to choose to look at the positives even while knowing the negatives outweigh all else.

I suppose that is why I am a reader and writer of romance.  I am guaranteed that hope, that happy ending.  I am guaranteed a place where love conquers all.  Unfortunately, in the real world, love doesn’t conquer all.

But it does make the hard more bearable.  It does make the tragic more survivable.  Sometimes, it’s all there is left, and we have to hold onto it extra close.

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