One of my writing goals for February is to enter another contest.  I know there are mixed feelings on contests, but most contests ask for the first 20-30 pages.  They cost money, BUT you are guaranteed feedback on the first thing most editors are going to read if you submit.  I think that’s invaluable.  I don’t spend a lot of money on my writing, but I do earn some money doing content articles and save that money for my contest entries.

Also, there is a chance that an acquiring editor might look at your contest entry.  Yes, you have to win and yes, that doesn’t mean they’ll request a full or even a partial, but it’s another chance.

So, right now, I am pro contest.  Here are some of the ones I am considering:

Back of the Book Contest deadline 2/28 (just what would appear on the “back of the book” if it were published).  Edited to add: this contest is FREE!

Wisconsin RWA Fabulous Five deadline 3/1 (and only the first 2500 words)


Dixie First Chapter deadline 3/1 (First Chapter)

3 thoughts on “Contests

  1. Nicole,

    We hope you consider the Back of the Book contest – the final judge is Angela James, an acquiring editor from Carina Press!

    Thanks for the mention and let us know which ones you decide to enter. 🙂
    ~Jenny Hansen

  2. You’re welcome, Jenny. I actually edited this post to add a very important fact about the Back of the Book contest… It’s FREE! That was definitely a pushing factor in actually working on an entry and sending it in for me.

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