Friday Links

My link for this Friday is your typical writing fare.  Write everyday, edit your work, etc. etc. etc.

But, number two on this list is something that I think is REALLY important, but not something I’ve seen said in such a way before.  It talks about setting goals based on output rather than input.  So, instead of saying, I will write for an hour every day, you should say I am going to write 1,000 words a day.

I think this is important if you are like me and easily distracted by emails, the internet, etc. etc. etc.  For some reason, for me, time just seems more fluid.  Even when I am working out.  If the video says, five more!  I usually do the five more.  If they say, one more minute, I have a harder time completing the task.

I’m sure everybody is different, but this piece of advice really resounded with me.

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