Erm… Um… Uh…

I’m having an interesting problem with my current WIP.  And by interesting I mean frustrating and nonsensical.

I know exactly what I want to happen next.  (And after that, and after that).  I like the direction the story is going, I like my characters.  Everything is good.

And yet…

I keep staring at the screen and very little dribbles out.  It takes supreme effort.  Like wrangling a toddler who doesn’t want his diaper changed.  The words are kicking and flailing and turning about while I’m trying desperately to grab a hold of one and put it on paper.

I have two theories for this phenomenon.

1) This story sucks; I just don’t see it yet.

2) My brain isn’t functioning properly.  Maybe it’s the weather.  70 degrees on Friday than 40 on Saturday.

Hopefully it’s the second theory, or an even better theory I haven’t even come up with.

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