Break Down

So, I broke down and did something I said I wasn’t going to do.

I queried the status of my medical partial.  I was going to be patient.  Wait until the six month mark (at the end of this month).  After all, I have email confirmation that they received it.  So, why should I badger the poor people at M&B?

Well, eharlequin is hosting a medical editor’s pitch (details here), and that made my curiosity all the bigger.  Then I stalked around the internet (never a good thing), and finally just decided… what’s the harm?

In my overactive imagination the harm is they are sitting there trying to decide to whether to request my full or not, then they see my status query email and are like… oh, well, I don’t want to work with this crazy, pushy author!  I KNOW that’s not how it goes…(And my email was polite, my near-6 month waiting time not pushy, I don’t think) but sometimes that imagination just takes over!  (I guess that’s why I’m a fiction writer).

So, I’ve added yet another thing to my ever growing wait list.  It’s the writing life, right?  Why not embrace it?

2 thoughts on “Break Down

  1. I think you’ve made it close enough to your six month mark to say you reached it 😉 So tell your imagination to back off lol! They say you can query after three. I think I’d wait a bit longer too like you but if they say three is okay then five certainly is 🙂

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