Friday’s Completely Off Topic Link

Okay, my Friday link this week has nothing to do with… well, anything I normally write about.  BUT, it’s still really cool.

I LOVE American History.  Back in my novice writing days (like elementary/middle school), I read and wrote historical fiction A LOT.  I still remember reading & rereading my American Girl books with glee  (Kirsten being my favorite).  I lack the patience for research now, but someday I hope to write at least one of my historical fiction ideas.

Anyway, this link is color pictures from the Depression.  Why I think it is so cool is as a person who has studied American History (it was my minor), it remains very much black and white in my head.  The vividness of the colors that some of these people are wearing really blew my mind.  I suppose because we’re used to seeing the black and white photos, we don’t associate much color with that time period, but these pictures are full of color and a glimpse into life long ago.

If you have a few minutes or you’re trying to procrastinate something, take a look at these fascinating photos.

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