On ReWriting: Positives

Yesterday, I talked about the problem I’m having with the rewrite process and having these characters in my head for a long time.  While those problems haven’t miraculously gone away, I thought I should also think about the positives to this situation.

First of all, by rewriting you are correcting mistakes after some distance and detachment.  This is so much easier (especially in the middle!) than coming up with things on the fly and wondering if they’ll work.  I’ve changed quite a bit of my WIP, and still don’t know exactly where it’ll end up, but I have a clearer blue print because I’ve written it before.

Along with that, in a rewrite or something that’s been with you for a long time, you get to know the characters and their motivations and background really well.  Yes, it may change a bit here and there, but usually those facets stay the same.  When you know a character really well, the story is easier to write and you’re less likely to run into problems with them acting out of character or not knowing what to do with them.

Everything has it’s pros and cons.  I just have to remember that!

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