Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Every Tuesday my mind drifts across half a continent and an ocean to my little old partial that has been enjoying itself in London for the past 6 months. Yes, we are officially at the six month mark.

I know writer’s need to be patient, but I’m feeling a little pouty. I’ve been writing a lot in that time. Two novels, one which is almost ready to submit, the other that still needs quite a bit of work. I think two novels in six months is pretty good.

But no amount of writing takes my mind away from hearing back on that darned partial. Neither does submitting elsewhere or entering contests, because that just means MORE WAITING. It’s even harder because even if they do request the full? Just means more waiting.

There’s been a lot of stories of long waits in publishing land, and I know that it’s just the nature of the beast. But on Tuesdays, as each week ticks by, it’s hard not to let the impatient child in me take over.

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